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by admin - May 5th, 2012.
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Modern inventions seem to be showing up on the retail sales market almost daily.  The flat screen TV industry is exploding, virtually eliminating the older styles of both American made and foreign made models.  Although most televisions are purchased for personal use, many schools, business and government agencies are also in possession of one of these new types of TVs.  The plasma TV is a great addition for instruction to employees, displaying of facts or in the education classroom.

H. WILSON WFP 100 UNIVERSAL LCD FLAT TV MOBILE PLATFORM CART is a great choice to partner with that new flat screen television.  The H. WILSON MOBILE CART is built specifically to move, store and display the modern flat screen TV.    This sturdy cart can be utilized for a television as large as sixty (60) inches and is perfect for business meetings.   A smaller TV, as small as thirty two (32) inches, can also be supported, moved, and stored on this universal mobile cart.   The universal mounting bracket comes standard with the cart.  The large base helps prevent tipping and provides stability.  Three (3) plastic shelves are built in below the universal mounting bracket and are great for storing or holding other audio visual equipment.  The tube frame comes in a light gray only but also has a built in push handle.

The load limit for a flat screen television attached to this mobile cart is one hundred ten (110) pounds.  Exceeding this limit is not suggested.  Safely moving any size television should be of utmost importance.  This realization will provide easy moving of the television, keeping it from being damaged.   As with all hand carts, this model should never be operated by a child or children.  A slow walking pace is also suggested when moving the television from room to room or into a storage or display area.  The rolling casters are three (3) inches in size with a total of four (4) attached to the base of the cart.  The casters are smooth rolling over most surfaces such as carpet, tile or concrete.

This product is made in America and is available for fast shipping but also comes unassembled for more economical transportation costs.  The cart itself is easy to assemble with simple hand tools.  Attaching the television should be accomplished with or by more than one (1) adult person.   Stabilizing the cart, while attaching the TV to the mobile cart, is strongly suggested.

If sharing one television is a necessity, then this H. WILSON UNIVERSAL LCD FLAT TV MOBILE CART is an excellent addition to the equipment list of your business or school.  Knowledge is the key to the future and television can unlock that future!  Move that television on this mobile cart!

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