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Piano Dolly: Make your Moving Grand

by admin - September 14th, 2012.
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The task of moving something as big as a piano can be a little challenging. Aside from its big size, almost all pianos weigh half a ton. You see, pianos are very expensive musical instruments. You’re lucky enough to have one. Pianos are often used at schools, churches, and even at home. If you only have one piano and you need to shift it in a different room, you now have the worry on how to get the piano moving. This problem often happens at schools and churches. Students and church choir members have a lot of practicing to do. A piano is very essential in polishing their music. If you have come across this point, then you need a piano dolly.

A piano dolly is the powerful equipment which can erase your worries on moving your piano. This is made for the purpose of moving a piano. Basically, it is a type of moving equipment which has wheels. The most popular and common form of a piano dolly is the grand piano dolly. Its shape is like a spider because it extends its legs from the center. To install this kind of dolly, you need to lift each of your piano’s leg and place each of them on top of the dolly wheel. Fasten the dollies so that they will be secured in place. You don’t need to remove the dollies to facilitate easy moving and rolling whenever the need arises. The grand piano dolly is also equipped with brakes so that your piano won’t move unnecessarily. You can unlock it easily if you need to transfer the piano to another place.

Most areas with a piano will have allot of chairs for the audience. Moving them away after the performance can be quite a big job. We recommend that you use a chair cart. You can find one here.

Why do we need piano dollies anyway? Usually, most pianos are not made with wheels. They have only stiff sturdy stationary legs. To make moving the piano easier and quicker, piano dollies are invented for this purpose. At times when you are all alone and you really need to move the piano, your best helper is the piano dolly. You yourself can move the piano alone as long as it is equipped with this very usable wheel gadget.

So make your moving grand. Use piano dollies. You can also avoid having several injuries. A piano, as said earlier, is a very big and weighty musical instrument. If you don’t use any moving handling equipment, your back, joints and muscles are in danger of straining. To prevent that from happening, make a piano dolly your best friend.

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