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by admin - May 14th, 2012.
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The MAGLNIER GEMINI is now available in an extra-large model. The extra-large model has a twelve hundred fifty (1250) pound load capacity. It is built to move the big loads. Strong and versatile, the unit is amazingly light weight, easy to handle and will last for years. Because the unit can convert from a two (2) wheeled hand truck to a four (4) wheeled platform truck and back into a two (2) wheeled unit, it is an amazing piece of equipment. Versatile, strong and built to last, the MAGLINER GEMINI EXTRA LARGE can do it all with ease of operation. This mover meets the industry high standards while moving the large loads it is built to handle. It can move the big loads, the small loads and everything in between.

When operating the MAGLINER GEMINI or any other hand truck, using it safely is important:

• The maximum load capacity should be the maximum load.
• Never lift a load that is too heavy to lift with both hands, always slide it onto the hand truck.
• Always use the attached straps.
• Always move the hand truck ahead of you except when going up a set of stairs.
• Always load the largest and heaviest item onto the hand truck first.
• When moving on a down incline, keep the hand truck in front at all times.
• Never assume someone can operate a hand truck, either manual or electric.

The large capacity of this Magliner is the largest in the industry. It is an extra-large hand truck for the extra-large jobs. Because the loads are so big, not only will it save time but it also will save hundreds of steps. The GEMINI can aid a delivery driver to make one (1) trip instead of five (5). The large capacity allows
the delivery to average only eight (8) minutes per stop, according to some industry studies. If the delivery employee can save that much time, it would be approximately eight (8) hours of time not spent loading and unloading. This, of course, will vary according to the driver, amount of product, distance, etc. Saving time is a plus for any business. Saving time can result in saving money which adds to the bottom line.

The convertible dolly ability of the Magliner from a two (2) to a four (4) wheel mover can be done in seconds with little effort. The versatility, load capacity, strength, and modular design all make this hand truck an exceptional choice for the business that needs versatility in the equipment it owns. There is nothing compact about this hand truck. It is built strong to stay strong for years while handling the largest loads on the longest days. It’s an excellent choice for the business that wants to move ahead. It really is a win, win option.

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