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by admin - March 29th, 2012.
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Yes, the WESCO MAXI MOVER 220646 is a smaller, miniature version, smaller than the full size versions of the modern hand truck.  Mini does not mean wimpy.  The WESCO MINI MOVER FOLDING HAND TRUCK folds to a compact size but can carry a big load for the size.    The MINI capacity is one hundred ten (110) pounds.  It should never be overloaded because it could cause damage to the frame, as well as, to the wheels and to the user.  Even if a MINI FOLDING HAND TRUCK is used, safety while using the mini model should always be considered and practiced.  The old saying better safe, includes the use of any hand truck, even the smallest ones.

A few of the items that can be moved with the MINI are:

•    Luggage
•    Books
•    Microwaves
•    Boxes of files
•    TVs
•    Plants
•    Baby items
•    Sports equipment
•    Teaching materials
•    Groceries
•    Sewing machines
•    Tools
•    Church supplies
•    Music equipment, such as speakers and amps
•    Any number of personal items

Weighing only seven (7) pounds and with aluminum construction, the MAXI MOVER can fold up small enough to fit in the overhead bin of a commercial airplane or any number of incredibly small places. The folding design is a space saver.  When folded, it fits into small spaces and car trunks.  The elastic straps, included in the design, help secure the load.   The attached sturdy wheels are lightweight and can handle all kinds of floors, grass or terrain without spilling the load.   The rubber tires help absorb shock and are considered to be non-marking on hard surfaces.

The WESCO MINI MOVER is an excellent addition to the college student list of must haves for college life.  With the help of the MINI, books can be moved without back strain or possible injury from carrying the average load of books, not to mention, the necessary laptop.   This particular model can be used by pushing it, along with the load, or by pulling it behind.  It operates easily, much like a suitcase with wheels.   When pushing or pulling the MINI, consider the size and width of the load.  Care should be taken when going through doorways, up or down ramps and when in use on stairs.  When traveling, the compact size of the MINI MOVER can easily pass through security from entering the airport all the way to folding and boarding the plane or train.  It is an excellent option to make traveling easier.  Built to last, the MINI MOVER should last the buyer for many years and many miles.

Safety is important and for that reason, the MINI MOVER should never be used by children.  No one should ride a mini mover.   Although it is a great addition to business or personal use, it is equipment and should be operated accordingly. You can also find a full selection of Wesco hand trucks at

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