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The Need to Push Health Care Carts for Saving Patients Lives

by admin - July 30th, 2012.
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Have you ever been inside a hospital and see the medical staff in action? Have you ever seen a nurse in a hasty yet careful feat when pushing medium sized furniture on wheels? Step aside and don’t block her way if you ever see one. Someone’s life might be in danger and is in need of the necessary life saving items enclosed in these mini ambulances, the health care carts.

Health care carts are the hospitals’ allies when saving the lives of their valued patients. These carts are often designed with multiple drawers on wheels. They are easy-to-access hospital gears which allow the doctors and the nurses make their life saving tasks handier and more organized. In each drawer, you can possibly find different types of medication grouped according to their drug classification or use. You may also find oxygen delivering devices, gastric tubes and many more. Read ahead and find out more about the different types of these drawers on wheels. Hotels also use special carts designed for hotels.

The most popular type is the emergency crash cart commonly found in every hospital department such as the ER, ICU, OB, pediatrics or medicine. As the name implies, it contains the basic life saving devices and medications used for resuscitating a patient. The typical contents of this cart are automatic electronic defibrillator, tubes for creating efficient airways as well as cardiac drugs. Another type is the anesthesia cart. This cart is commonly found in operating rooms.

This carts are sometimes moved on jacks and  contains anything to do with numbing the patient during operations or any other hospital procedures.To give medications on time, each specific medication of the patient is put in an organized manner inside a medicine cart. This type of cart is specialized for the drug needs of every patient for a faster recovery and rehabilitation. Since the hospital is known to be the harbor of several kinds of germs and viruses, there is a specialized cart to prevent the transmission of these germs and viruses to other people, the isolation cart. This cart helps avoid the occurrence of cross contamination.

The carts used by the laboratory staff are called laboratory carts. These carts allow them to move efficiently when they deal with blood tests, ECG tests, MRI tests and many more. The last type of cart is the transfer cart which might be grouped to transport hospital linens, the patients’ foods and even the laundry.

As mentioned above, the different types of carts for healthcare serve distinct purposes within the hospital or medical facility. These carts are designed to be efficient and utilitarian. If you understand the importance of these health care carts, better not try to hold the medical staff’s work from being done since these carts are very crucial in improving or restoring a patient’s life.

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