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The Best Audio Visual Cart

by admin - February 15th, 2012.
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The H. Wilson WPS6HDCE may be just the audio-visual cart your business needs today.  Why?  It is ‘extra-large’.  The shelves are extra-large sized.   The multi-media work center is versatile, sturdy and capable of holding any number of types and sizes of equipment.  Does your business use projectors?  Is the laptop computer part of the office environment?  Are cameras used in the day to day operation of your profession?   The extra-large shelves provide ample work surface to hold the largest types of audio visual equipment available today.  The cart is versatile enough to use for any number of jobs or display needs.  The extra-large shelves can hold more than one piece of equipment if necessary.  The large sized shelves add to the versatility of the H. Wilson WPS6HDCE Audio Visual Cart.

There are six (6) laminate gray shelves included providing various levels of work surface.  All of which are connected to the black steel frame.  Weighing approximately one hundred twenty five (125) pounds gives stability to the entire cart.  The shelves are adjustable easily in two (2) inch increments.  There is shelf that easily holds a keyboard or laptop.  Included in the cart are an oversized top shelf, a middle shelf, and a bottom shelf, as well as a keyboard shelf.  The total height of the cart unit, including all six (6) shelves, is forty one (41) inches high.

Included with this audio visual cart is a three (3) plug outlet that is UL approved.  The electrical assembly comes with a fifteen (15) foot chord.  The chord can easily wrap around the assembly to prevent it from being dragged behind the cart when it is moved from one place to another.  When the cart is fully compacted, it is easy to store and easy to access when needed.  The locking cabinet comes equipped with two (2) sets of keys which can securely store books, equipment or reference materials.  The cart comes equipped with four (4) four (4) inch stem casters.  Two (2) of the four (4) casters are equipped with a locking feature.  When locked, the casters do not move and makes the cart stay in one (1) secure location.

Another plus for owning this audio hand cart is the cable management holes. Two are included in this model. The cable management holes make access for the projection equipment or computers easy.  The chords can easily be stored inside the cabinet if needed, ready for the next presentation.

A lifetime warranty is included and yet another reason for owning the extra-large sized audio visual cart.  The cart itself is sturdy, versatile and will last for years to come even if used every day.  The lifetime warranty adds to the value when you purchase the cart.


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