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Service Carts and its Evolution

by admin - July 14th, 2012.
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The use of utility carts has become a very helpful tool through the ages.  The design is dedicated for transporting things that may be challenging to humans. It is a vehicle with wheels made to pull or push the cart easier. In this article, we will take a closer look the evolution of the service cart.

Compared to the years back, service cart nowadays comes with a feature that is driven by power. This is known as the power-driven cart of today. Before we make our way to the modern version of Service Carts, you might want to take yourself back to where it started, back to the past.

Carts were already present many years ago, even in Ancient Rome. The cart has already done what it was designed for: transport. Other than the role to provide mobility, this tool was later designed for various functions. Larger carts were invented with the aid of animals as source of power. From horses or donkeys and water buffalos, carts have proven to be helpful in trade, transport, and construction.

With the passage of time, carts were used as an integral part of the society. It caters to the needs of transporting people and objects. With the innovations of modern times, we can actually see it in our homes, commercial places, and industries. Compared to the horse-drawn cart of the past, service carts have evolved into sophisticated machines. Either powered by hands or electronically powered, service carts have gone a long way to fulfill its role.

Due to varied needs, there is also varied selection of service carts. When you go to retail stores or warehouses, you will observe small to giant service carts. For example, specific to the food industry, there are the wine service carts, pastry carts, and beverage carts. With the help of this tool, transporting food and liquid items would never be a hassle anymore.

As continuous innovations have been made, the types of service carts are growing. To narrow down the choices, you may choose the best models like the heavy duty hand trucks and the powered drive cart. People have been using heavy duty hand trucks to transport equipments at hundred pounds or more. They already have this system back in 13th century wherein it was known as the baggage cart.  These heavy duty hand trucks are expected to be durable and could withstand heavy loads. These tools are important in industries requiring the quick transport of heavy materials for optimum efficiency without the need to expose humans to injuries.

On the other hand, the powered drive cart is powered by electricity or fuel. A trained professional will be required to handle this tool just like driving a car. With just the touch of your finger and a bit of skills, you can already handle the transport machine.

The evolution of service carts is actually quite interesting. From the animal-aided carts for transport to the sophisticated industrial machines that can carry heavy equipment, these tools have indeed empowered human beings through the years.

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