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Raymond Products – Gemini Electric Truck

by admin - August 16th, 2011.
Filed under: Safety Carts.

If you need a high quality cart made in the USA, you want a Raymond Product, they manufacture the highest quality carts.
But if you need an electric piece of equipment, then you need the Magliner Gemini.The Magliner Gemini Electric Hand Truck is powerful! Do you need extra power for extra load capacity? Then this little gem may be the answer to all of your problems. Yes, it too, comes with offer of FREE SHIPPING! The name says it all. It is a convertible, multiple uses, powerful electric hand truck that can move heavy cargo in high volume areas such as stadiums, malls, and office buildings. You’ve got to see it to believe what this Gemini Junior can do! The more that can be carried, the fewer the trips and the more time will be saved translating into money for your company’s bottom line!

Not only does it increase work capacity but also eliminates the stress and strain that your employees come to experience when moving heavy merchandise, boxes, or furniture. It will save you money plus it comes with FREE SHIPPING and is on sale for a limited time. Check it out! Then when you are ready to order, but still need more information, just call our trained associates at the Customer Service Desk. We’re ready and willing to help answer your questions.

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