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Plastic Hand Trucks – The Lightweight Moving Equipment for First Timers

by admin - August 23rd, 2012.
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For first timers, plastic hand trucks are good choices because they are cheap yet still effective. Intended for small business owners and entrepreneurs, these plastic hand carts are great for testing the water before you decide to spend on other more costly moving equipment down the road.

Many prefer using plastic materials nowadays. Plastics are lightweight, durable, not prone to breakage and cost effective. These are just a few of the reasons why hand trucks are available in plastic form already. Hand trucks are very efficient moving equipment tools. They are created to make your moving work easier. These hand trucks have platform on wheels. We all know that wheels are a great help on reducing ground friction thus, enabling us to push and pull things easier. With plastic hand trucks, you will benefit a lot from using them.

Plastic materials are lightweight, so are plastic hand trucks. This is the best advantage of this type of material. Compared to other types of hand trucks, plastics are lighter, making them easy for manual moving. With just a minimum application of power, you can readily push and pull things in just a jiffy. Aside from that, you can easily carry away your hand truck to its storage place because it isn’t heavy. Nonetheless, plastic types are durable because they cannot be easily broken or dented with just a fall. Unlike the other ones like wood types, they can be broken with hard crashes. On the other hand, metals like brass, aluminum and steel may not be broken but they can be dented or susceptible to corrosion.

Plastic hand trucks can also withstand extreme conditions. They cannot rust like metals. In addition, these tools cannot rot like wood.

The price point remains as the best reason why people choose plastic hand trucks. Hand trucks made of plastic are cheap since the manufacturing process doesn’t cost that much. Maintenance for plastic types doesn’t require high expenses too. Moreover, plastics do not need repainting jobs unlike metals and wood. You just need to clean it daily and store it properly. You also don’t have to worry if it is exposed from too much moisture.

Since hand trucks come from different sizes, the weight load capacity for these trucks is also different. Read the prescribed weight each hand truck can carry by talking to experts. Never overload your hand truck as this can lead to potential catastrophe. You might be unable to move it even a bit. The hand truck might also break from the overloading.

You see, hand trucks are really useful. They help us from getting frequent back aches and muscle pain. They also make our work finish ahead of time. For example, you can only carry one luggage at a time with your hands. With a hand truck, you can carry two, three or more. Hand trucks can save you a lot of time!

To choose the best plastic hand trucks, only purchase them from reputable companies such as How would you know that those companies are reputable? Check for their client’s reviews and feedback. Make sure they can also provide expert advice to help you with your choice.


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