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by admin - March 20th, 2012

Some of the largest items that need to be moved, stored or delivered are in home appliances.  Modern appliances today include washers, dryers, refrigerators, stoves, big screen TVs, fireplaces and dishwashers.  These appliances and fireplaces can be found in just about every American household.  The American family considers these large appliances a necessity.  The modern family needs the time saving and money saving features of the modern appliance.  The MILWAUKEE 41188 APPLIANCE HAND TRUCK is made of steel with a capacity of eight hundred (800) pounds.  The steel frame is strong enough to move any of the above mentioned appliances.  The two (2) belts are included with the MILWAUKEE 41188 and should be used without fail when moving any and all appliances or other large items. The belts come attached to the steel frame and can be easily  tightened with the ratchet belt system. No one should try to move an appliance by balancing with a hand or another person balancing the item.  It is never safe because the appliance can shift causing injury to anyone that might be trying to move it.

Tips for moving used or new appliances can be found by researching the Internet.  The tips suggest draining any water from refrigerators, washers or dishwashers.  Cleaning is also suggested.  Any dust or grease should be removed before installing into the next location.  Also, grease or leaking water could cause a slip when using any hand truck to move a stove, refrigerator, washer or dishwasher.

When the MILWAUKEE 41188 is used for delivering new appliances, following the instructions on the packing box should assure safe and damage free delivery of these appliances.  A desktop computer may be packed in a large box and can be moved with a hand truck that is sturdy enough, large enough and flexible enough to handle the delicate computer.  The MILWAUKEE 41188 is capable of moving any appliance that fits on the nose plate.  Learning to operate any hand truck is suggested before moving small items but extremely important when dealing with oversized items such as appliances.  The weight and size of these appliances need to be considered when learning how to move them from inside or vice versa or in a warehouse or store setting.  Every person that might use a hand truck to move appliances should be trained and not just assume that a successful move can be done without any instructions.

Finally, the next important thing that should be considered when purchasing or using an appliance moving hand truck is the wheels.  The wheels should be strong enough to carry the load.  The wheels should not be thread bear or worn.  Replacing worn wheels can be done by ordering the wheels through the manufacturer or seller of the hand truck.  This assures proper fit and proper use for years, even decades, to come.


by admin - March 11th, 2012

Do your employees handle heavy loads or loads that are too big to carry easily? A Dolly for a piano? Do they end up with back pain or shoulder pain?  Do you know how to prevent on the job injury when carrying or lifting those loads?  It is simple, buy a hand truck!  A hand truck is the answer to those back problems that might be happening when employees are lifting and carrying too much product weight or oversized loads.  It is easy to end up with an injury that the company could be responsible for financially.  Back injuries are probably the number one injury that happens in the workplace today.  A back injury can result in years of medical expenses for the employee or employer.  The way to prevent those injuries is simple, use a hand truck and use it correctly.

The MAGLINER ALUMINUM HAND TRUCK is lightweight, easy to maneuver with one hand and helps prevent on the job injury when used correctly.  The U-shaped handle gives the widest field of options for moving product with one hand.  The five hundred (500) pound capacity should also be considered.  It is important to never overload any hand truck.   Never put five hundred (500) pounds of product on a two hundred fifty (250) pound capacity hand truck. Adhering to the recommended load capacity of any and all hand trucks is recommended by the manufacturers.  When overloading is done, damage to the frames should be expected to even the strongest of hand trucks.  Overloading can also damage the wheels.  When the wheels are damaged by overloading or overuse, replacement should be done before using the hand truck for the next job.

When using any hand truck, safety should be considered at all times.  Safety steps that are easy to follow are:

•    Proper lifting – back straight, lift with leg power;
•    Proper stacking – heaviest items on the bottom;
•    Proper transporting – always use the safety straps and secure the load;
•    Proper height – never stack product higher than the back of the hand truck itself;
•    Proper foot work – always move forward with any hand truck, not backward unless going downhill;
•    Proper speeds – never walk or push the hand truck too fast.

Many tasks at work can be accomplished with a reliable hand truck.  When moving items around, especially heavy items, a reliable hand truck can save many trips back and forth between point A and point B.  When steps are saved, time is saved.  When time is saved, money is saved.  When money is saved, it is money made for the company.

The Best Audio Visual Cart

by admin - February 15th, 2012

The H. Wilson WPS6HDCE may be just the audio-visual cart your business needs today.  Why?  It is ‘extra-large’.  The shelves are extra-large sized.   The multi-media work center is versatile, sturdy and capable of holding any number of types and sizes of equipment.  Does your business use projectors?  Is the laptop computer part of the office environment?  Are cameras used in the day to day operation of your profession?   The extra-large shelves provide ample work surface to hold the largest types of audio visual equipment available today.  The cart is versatile enough to use for any number of jobs or display needs.  The extra-large shelves can hold more than one piece of equipment if necessary.  The large sized shelves add to the versatility of the H. Wilson WPS6HDCE Audio Visual Cart.

There are six (6) laminate gray shelves included providing various levels of work surface.  All of which are connected to the black steel frame.  Weighing approximately one hundred twenty five (125) pounds gives stability to the entire cart.  The shelves are adjustable easily in two (2) inch increments.  There is shelf that easily holds a keyboard or laptop.  Included in the cart are an oversized top shelf, a middle shelf, and a bottom shelf, as well as a keyboard shelf.  The total height of the cart unit, including all six (6) shelves, is forty one (41) inches high.

Included with this audio visual cart is a three (3) plug outlet that is UL approved.  The electrical assembly comes with a fifteen (15) foot chord.  The chord can easily wrap around the assembly to prevent it from being dragged behind the cart when it is moved from one place to another.  When the cart is fully compacted, it is easy to store and easy to access when needed.  The locking cabinet comes equipped with two (2) sets of keys which can securely store books, equipment or reference materials.  The cart comes equipped with four (4) four (4) inch stem casters.  Two (2) of the four (4) casters are equipped with a locking feature.  When locked, the casters do not move and makes the cart stay in one (1) secure location.

Another plus for owning this audio hand cart is the cable management holes. Two are included in this model. The cable management holes make access for the projection equipment or computers easy.  The chords can easily be stored inside the cabinet if needed, ready for the next presentation.

A lifetime warranty is included and yet another reason for owning the extra-large sized audio visual cart.  The cart itself is sturdy, versatile and will last for years to come even if used every day.  The lifetime warranty adds to the value when you purchase the cart.



by admin - December 23rd, 2011

The Tuffy Multi-Cart is a multi-purpose cart that you can build easily to the specifications needed for the job or how the cart is to be used. The Tuffy Multi-Cart is a versatile audio visual cart when the optional electrical power strip is added. This sturdy cart comes with a Lifetime Warranty. The width of this cart can measure eighteen (18) or twenty four (24) inches with a variety of heights. Two (2) or three (3) shelves can be added. The load capacity is up to two hundred (200) pounds that can be transported on the Tuffy Multi-Cart.

Step one is to choose the height of the cart which should be chosen according to how the cart will be used. Start with the basic shelf, considering how wide the cart needs to be. Next, determine how tall the cart needs to be for variety of its use. The height can start at fifteen and one half (15-1/2) inches and go to the tallest model of forty two and one half (42-1/2) inches.

Step two should be choosing the color. There are twelve (12) color options:
•Hunter green
•Topaz blue or
The twelve color options allow the carts to be coordinated with a theme, such as a school color, or to match the décor of the office, school, restaurant or church.

Hospitals can order the cart to match the logo of the hospital. For instance, if the logo of the hospital is burgundy and gray, the carts can be ordered in these colors.
Step three is to choose the cabinet option if needed. This option is not available on the fifteen and one half (15-1/2”) inch model but can easily be added to the other, taller carts. The cabinet has four sides, one of which is a door that opens and shuts.
Step four is to add the electrical outlet option. This is an excellent way to add electrical power to the cart to make it into an audio visual cart. Laptops, projectors, adding machines and other office equipment can be used on the cart itself if this option is added as a part to the cart itself.
Step five is to choose the color of the legs. This step is not necessary if you have picked the cabinet option because the legs will match the cabinet itself.
Step six is the last step which is to add the optional drawer. The drawer can only be added to the taller models. The drawer option and the cabinet option both come with a lock and key to add to the security of the carts. The sturdy cart is for adult use only.


by admin - November 3rd, 2011

The Audio Visual Mobile Presentation Cart with Storage sold on has a list price of $769.99 American but can be ordered today for a low, low sale price of only $419.99 American! The low sale price is a huge savings of forty five (45) percent! If you are a buyer or purchaser for your company, school, church or hospital, our friendly Customer Service Desk is ready to help assist with all of your ordering questions. We offer corporate discounts for multiple orders, as well as FREE SHIPPING! This is the place for savings for the bottom line! Do you conduct business outside of the State of New Jersey? No sales tax for orders placed outside of New Jersey every business day!

This H. Wilson Multi-Media Cart visual mobile presentation cart with storage is the deluxe model. It comes with many great features that make it the perfect cart with storage locking storage. A work surface that can be elevated to over forty one (41) inches and pop up shelves for extra work space makes this the best choice. The unit can be ordered in black or light grey and weighs only one hundred (113) pounds.



by admin - October 24th, 2011

This Stainless Steel three (3) Shelf Service Cart is a beaut. It shines and is easy to care for because it is stainless and it is made of steel. The Luxor L100S3 Steel cart is listed for only $211.99 and comes with guarantee of FREE SHIPPING. Don’t forget there is zero (0) sales tax if ordered outside of the State of New Jersey. Luxor has a lifetime warranty and is a great for the health care business of our Country or other countries around the world. This item ships from a warehouse in Alabama within three (3) to five (5) days.

A BEST PRICE GUARANTEE, a thirty (30) day money back return policy and fast shipping makes this stainless steel service cart a great purchase. We can fill an order for one (1) cart or multiple carts. It’s up to you and the needs of your business. Contact our friendly Customer Service Desk for volume pricing and special discounts. If you are a government purchase agent, contact us through the link on the ride side of this page under Government Sales via phone or FAX. We’re ready and able to help with any and all orders.

Raymond Products – Gemini Electric Truck

by admin - August 16th, 2011

If you need a high quality cart made in the USA, you want a Raymond Product, they manufacture the highest quality carts.
But if you need an electric piece of equipment, then you need the Magliner Gemini.The Magliner Gemini Electric Hand Truck is powerful! Do you need extra power for extra load capacity? Then this little gem may be the answer to all of your problems. Yes, it too, comes with offer of FREE SHIPPING! The name says it all. It is a convertible, multiple uses, powerful electric hand truck that can move heavy cargo in high volume areas such as stadiums, malls, and office buildings. You’ve got to see it to believe what this Gemini Junior can do! The more that can be carried, the fewer the trips and the more time will be saved translating into money for your company’s bottom line!

Not only does it increase work capacity but also eliminates the stress and strain that your employees come to experience when moving heavy merchandise, boxes, or furniture. It will save you money plus it comes with FREE SHIPPING and is on sale for a limited time. Check it out! Then when you are ready to order, but still need more information, just call our trained associates at the Customer Service Desk. We’re ready and willing to help answer your questions.

Alkaline Water With Miracle MAX Ionizer Vs Alkaline Glacier Waters

by admin - July 10th, 2011

The Water Ionizer Station take on water: When you see a glacier shimmering in the sunlight it takes on a blue tint that’s quite beautiful. The blue is from the minerals of the earth. The roaring streams running down the mountains bubble up the raging water and it gets loaded up with the antioxidants. This alkaline water is ‘alive’. This alkaline water is the best of the best drinking water. Ionizers make this same type of water from tap water.

Rock N Roller Hand Carts

by admin - June 13th, 2011

Hand truck is built with the L shape and has two wheels on it. Some are built like a U as the RockNroller which can be seen here It includes a small ledge to put things on it. Same like trolley, hand truck also got its own handle on the up sight of the hand truck. So, it will make people easy to handle the hand truck. Moreover, the object that going to be move by using the hand truck will be place forward which by means it will not going to face the people who use it beside, it will face an open air.
The question is how to move object or materials with hand truck? It is easy to move things with hand truck. All you have to know is the balanced concept. Balancing is important in moving any items no matter by using hand truck or also hand. First of all, you need to rearrange all the materials in a correct order. Place the heavy materials on the bottom and the insignificant one on the top so that the heavy material could support the insignificant material. If it being put in the opposite order, the hand truck might not operate normally.

Hand truck use and materials

by admin - June 12th, 2011

Energetic people can move heavy boxes or materials with hands. However, can they move a large number of heavy materials? As the materials referring to the word ‘heavy’, it must be difficult to carry it all the way only by bare hands. People are started to think on how to use less energy with the help of technology. The least energy use but more materials are moved.
The finding on hand truck had turn people’s life to be easier than before. Hand truck is the exact tool on moving heavy materials from one place to the other place. The other name of hand truck is dolly or some people might know it as ‘two wheeler’. This name is created because of the hand truck shape.