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by admin - March 20th, 2012.
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Some of the largest items that need to be moved, stored or delivered are in home appliances.  Modern appliances today include washers, dryers, refrigerators, stoves, big screen TVs, fireplaces and dishwashers.  These appliances and fireplaces can be found in just about every American household.  The American family considers these large appliances a necessity.  The modern family needs the time saving and money saving features of the modern appliance.  The MILWAUKEE 41188 APPLIANCE HAND TRUCK is made of steel with a capacity of eight hundred (800) pounds.  The steel frame is strong enough to move any of the above mentioned appliances.  The two (2) belts are included with the MILWAUKEE 41188 and should be used without fail when moving any and all appliances or other large items. The belts come attached to the steel frame and can be easily  tightened with the ratchet belt system. No one should try to move an appliance by balancing with a hand or another person balancing the item.  It is never safe because the appliance can shift causing injury to anyone that might be trying to move it.

Tips for moving used or new appliances can be found by researching the Internet.  The tips suggest draining any water from refrigerators, washers or dishwashers.  Cleaning is also suggested.  Any dust or grease should be removed before installing into the next location.  Also, grease or leaking water could cause a slip when using any hand truck to move a stove, refrigerator, washer or dishwasher.

When the MILWAUKEE 41188 is used for delivering new appliances, following the instructions on the packing box should assure safe and damage free delivery of these appliances.  A desktop computer may be packed in a large box and can be moved with a hand truck that is sturdy enough, large enough and flexible enough to handle the delicate computer.  The MILWAUKEE 41188 is capable of moving any appliance that fits on the nose plate.  Learning to operate any hand truck is suggested before moving small items but extremely important when dealing with oversized items such as appliances.  The weight and size of these appliances need to be considered when learning how to move them from inside or vice versa or in a warehouse or store setting.  Every person that might use a hand truck to move appliances should be trained and not just assume that a successful move can be done without any instructions.

Finally, the next important thing that should be considered when purchasing or using an appliance moving hand truck is the wheels.  The wheels should be strong enough to carry the load.  The wheels should not be thread bear or worn.  Replacing worn wheels can be done by ordering the wheels through the manufacturer or seller of the hand truck.  This assures proper fit and proper use for years, even decades, to come.

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