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Convertible Hand Trucks: More Convenient Tools to Transport Loads

by admin - June 26th, 2012.
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Are you trying to research a few details about 2-4 wheel hand trucks? Do you think it is a good investment in your business? Let this article help you with basic information about it.
When the load is too heavy or large, one uses an escalera hand truck to ease them from carrying such loads and prevent them from having back aches or worse – back injuries. There are two common types of hand truck: the two-wheeled hand truck and the four-wheeled hand truck or sometimes called push cart.
Two-wheeled hand trucks are basically designed to lighter and smaller items in a slightly reclined position. This type of cart features a small ledge where the load is placed. On the other hand, the four-wheeled hand trucks, which are also known as platform carts, are originally designed to be used in a manner that it can handle more weight. Obviously, because the cart has four wheels, it can handle more weight than the carts with two wheels only. Nowadays, four-wheel inclined hand trucks are also known as stocking carts or utility carts.
Two-wheeled lectro-trucks are useful in transporting loads along stairs. You simply climb the stairs with the loaded hand truck backwards leaning towards your body. These are also good when you are dealing with not too bulky objects. This type can also be stored easily because it takes up less space.
Four-wheeled hand trucks are typically seen in hotels, and airports, which vary in sizes to handle huge luggage of costumers whether across an inclined plane or through the elevator. You may also find these four-wheeled utility carts in stockrooms and warehouses.
Comparing the cart with two wheels to the four-wheel cart, you will notice different features. These two are totally different in appearance and function; hence, it is important to choose one over the other carefully. But you do not have to do that!
The demand of the market requiring all functions of these two types of hand trucks compelled manufacturers to build the convertible hand trucks. A convertible hand truck has four wheels but can be transformed into a cart with two wheels for lighter loads. It simply can be converted back to four-wheel push cart when needed for bigger and bulkier objects.
The convertible type needs to convert easily without the assistance of any tool. You simply need your hands to collapse the two-wheeled convertible hand truck into a four-wheeled hand truck. Some convertible hand trucks are equipped with stair climber wheels too. The wheels can be good tools to facilitate moving heavy loads.
You or your business can benefit from purchasing a convertible hand truck. This can help workers transport loads such as large boxes, cargo, equipment, appliances, and furniture with ease. Moreover, it will be faster and more effective since you can handle more loads; thus, you take fewer trips to handle bulky objects.
In the end, convertible hand trucks are fantastic additions to your business tools. It is a must however to find specialty sellers that can offer you excellent after sales service as this is crucial to ensuring that you get quality machines.

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