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by admin - March 11th, 2012.
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Do your employees handle heavy loads or loads that are too big to carry easily? A Dolly for a piano? Do they end up with back pain or shoulder pain?  Do you know how to prevent on the job injury when carrying or lifting those loads?  It is simple, buy a hand truck!  A hand truck is the answer to those back problems that might be happening when employees are lifting and carrying too much product weight or oversized loads.  It is easy to end up with an injury that the company could be responsible for financially.  Back injuries are probably the number one injury that happens in the workplace today.  A back injury can result in years of medical expenses for the employee or employer.  The way to prevent those injuries is simple, use a hand truck and use it correctly.

The MAGLINER ALUMINUM HAND TRUCK is lightweight, easy to maneuver with one hand and helps prevent on the job injury when used correctly.  The U-shaped handle gives the widest field of options for moving product with one hand.  The five hundred (500) pound capacity should also be considered.  It is important to never overload any hand truck.   Never put five hundred (500) pounds of product on a two hundred fifty (250) pound capacity hand truck. Adhering to the recommended load capacity of any and all hand trucks is recommended by the manufacturers.  When overloading is done, damage to the frames should be expected to even the strongest of hand trucks.  Overloading can also damage the wheels.  When the wheels are damaged by overloading or overuse, replacement should be done before using the hand truck for the next job.

When using any hand truck, safety should be considered at all times.  Safety steps that are easy to follow are:

•    Proper lifting – back straight, lift with leg power;
•    Proper stacking – heaviest items on the bottom;
•    Proper transporting – always use the safety straps and secure the load;
•    Proper height – never stack product higher than the back of the hand truck itself;
•    Proper foot work – always move forward with any hand truck, not backward unless going downhill;
•    Proper speeds – never walk or push the hand truck too fast.

Many tasks at work can be accomplished with a reliable hand truck.  When moving items around, especially heavy items, a reliable hand truck can save many trips back and forth between point A and point B.  When steps are saved, time is saved.  When time is saved, money is saved.  When money is saved, it is money made for the company.

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